Brushing will never be the same

Meet the all new 360° Embrace Totaltooth electric toothbrush

How It Works
Embrace Electric Toothbrush

Fits Philips Sonicare™ Snap-On Heads

DiamondClean, Flexcare, HealthyWhite, 3 Series Gum Health, 2 Series Plaque Control, and Essence+

"Embrace Totaltooth™ is in a league of its own"

Embrace TotalTooth™ Toothbrush Head (Value Pack)

More Details

Fits Philips Sonicare™Snap-On Handles

We have designed the Embrace Totaltooth head to work with Sonicare™ Snap-On handles.

Sonicare Snap-On Head Handle
  • DiamondClean
  • HealthyWhite
  • EasyClean
  • FlexCare
  • FlexCare+