About Embrace

Why Embrace TotalTooth™?

Our patented TotalTooth™ brush head is the first major toothbrush advancement in years. It was created by Dr. Balbir S Brara MD while researching ways to prevent stomach disease due to poor brushing habits and tooth decay. He found that by simplifying the user experience of a toothbrush, common issues such as toothbrush abrasion missed brushing zones, and not brushing long enough could be eliminated.

Every part of the TotalTooth™ system was designed to take the thinking out of brushing. The 3 sided toothbrush head gently embraces the inside, outside and top surfaces of the teeth eliminating the chance of missing hard to reach zones. It includes a self-adjusting technology that spans the width of the tooth applying even pressure to prevent damaging your teeth and gums by brushing too hard. The 360° pivoting head follows the track of your teeth taking the strain off your wrist and making a seamless transition from one side of your mouth to the other. The sonic rechargeable handle provides a self-timer with a pause reminder when it’s time to move zones. It also comes with 4 brushing modes for a more complete care.

Embrace Electric Toothbrush Head

Fits Philips Sonicare™Snap-On Handles

We have designed the Embrace Totaltooth head to work with Sonicare™ Snap-On handles.

Sonicare Snap-On Head Handle
  • DiamondClean
  • HealthyWhite
  • EasyClean
  • FlexCare
  • FlexCare+