Balbir (Bal) Brar D.V.M.Ph.D.

The inventor of Embrace, Dr. Brar, has dedicated more than 25 years of his scientific career in Research and Development drugs and devices in support of human health. Some of his major pharmaceutical contributions include Azmacort for asthma that has saved hundreds of lives, Alphagan and Lumigan for the treatment of glaucoma, preventing blindness, Tazarotene for psoriasis and acne, Restasis for dry eye, a very painful condition, and Botox for medical treatments including for migraine headaches, cerebral palsy, cervical dystonia, post-stroke spasticity, urinary incontinence as well as for the better known cosmetic application as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

While working in drug development Dr. Brar became concerned about the poor state of dental health not only in America but worldwide, because research has shown that problems in dental health have far-reaching consequences with respect to the health of the rest of the body.

Most people are not brushing their teeth correctly.  Applying uneven excessive pressure causes gum abrasion and dental erosion while leaving some teeth especially rear molars unbrushed. Most people spend insufficient time averaging 45 seconds rather than the recommended 2 minutes and fail to floss sufficiently.. This inadequate care leads to bad breath, gingivitis, tooth decay, loss of teeth, stomach ulcers, cardiovascular disease and poor overall health.


Dr. Bal designed and engineered the TotalTooth™ Sonic Electric Toothbrush to address this major healthcare problem and has developed an invaluable tool which is the first major development in household dental care since the introduction of the electric toothbrush.

Fits Philips Sonicare™Snap-On Handles

We have designed the Embrace Totaltooth head to work with Sonicare™ Snap-On handles.

Sonicare Snap-On Head Handle
  • DiamondClean
  • HealthyWhite
  • EasyClean
  • FlexCare
  • FlexCare+