TotalTooth™ Electric Toothbrush Kit

Sonic Embrace Toothbrush

  • 4 Modes: Clean, Soft, Whiten, Massage
  • Vibrations up to 34,000/minute
  • Self-adjusting to the width of the incisor or molar teeth
  • 360° pivoting action for self-aligning to the curves of the jaw
  • Flossing action of the interdental spaces from both sides of the teeth
  • Provides even pressure throughout the brushing process
  • Built-in smart timer
  • Reduces gum abrasion and dental erosion
  • Helps prevent bad breath, gingivitis, tooth decay, loss of teeth, stomach ulcers, cardiovascular disease and poor overall health
  • 100% BPA Free


Category: Embrace toothbrush package, Sonic toothbrush

Product Code: ETB-WHT

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Fits Philips Sonicare™Snap-On Handles

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