Embrace TotalTooth™ Toothbrush Head (Single)

  • 360° Pivoting brush head
  • Patented 3 sided TotalTooth™ cleaning
  • Self-aligning head
  • Built-in smart timer
  • 100% BPA Free

For those already using a power toothbrush, great news, the Embrace 360° Totaltooth™ brush head works with all Philips Sonicare™ handles*.

*Sonicare™ is a registered trademark of the Philips Company. Embrace TotalToothbrush is not associated in any way with Philips or the Sonicare™ product lines.

Category: Replacement head, Toothbrush head

Product Code: ERH-PS-WHT-01

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Fits Philips Sonicare™Snap-On Handles

We have designed the Embrace Totaltooth head to work with Sonicare™ Snap-On handles.

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